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CNC FIER FORJAT ROMAN NEAMT PRETURI FIER FORJAT Porti garduri balustrade mobilier elemente, modele porti fier forjat

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Wrought Iron Gates


Wrought Iron Fences


Wrought Iron Railings


Wrought Iron Furniture

Balustrade din inox

Stainless railings

Accesorii din fier forjat

Wrought Iron Accesories

Arta metalica CNC

CNC Plasma Art

Elemente din fier forjat

Wrought Iron Elements

Schite lucrari fier forjat

Wrought Iron Sketches

About wrought iron

       Wrought iron is an alloy of iron with a very low carbon content, compared with steel, and which has fibrous inclusions, known as slag. This gives the appearance of wood, which is visible especially when it's etched or bent. Wrought iron is strong, malleable, ductile and easily to weld. From the historical point of view, it was known as "commercially pure iron". However, it is no longer qualify as a commercially pure iron because current standards require a carbon content less than 0.008.
       Before the development of efficient methods of processing steel and the existence of large quantities of steel, wrought iron was the most common form of malleable iron. A small amount of wrought iron was used as raw material for making steel, which was mainly used to produce swords, cutlery and other blades. Wrought iron demand peaked in 1860 with the increased production of warships with iron armor and railways, but then fell after the steel has become more easily available.
       Before being made of lightweight steel, in the category of articles made from wrought iron entered rivets, nails, wire, chains, railway couplings, water and steam pipes, horseshoes, railings, roofs, wooden frames for roofs and iron trimmings.
       Today, wrought iron is no longer produced on a commercial scale. Many products described as wrought iron, such as railings, gates and garden furniture are made of lightweight steel. It keep this name because they are forged (worked) manually. True wrought iron is necessary for preserving the authenticity of historical structures.

wrought iron fence

       Wrought iron fences has several features and advantages, as follows:
           - Offers the possibility of adding decorative trimmings without loosing the quality of final work;
           - Offers the possibility of an attractive and durable finish;
           - Minimum maintenance costs, almost zero;
           - Offers beauty, strength and durability;
           - Easy installation and attractive results;
           - Enables personalization with various accessories.
        Wrought iron fencing is a way synonymous with safety, protection and privacy that is offered in a variety of styles. Ornamental wrought iron fences offer a resistance, an unparalleled style and durability in comparison with other types of fencing.
       Of the many styles of fences used by residential properties, none of them stands out as is the case of wrought iron fences. Metal fences have long been used due to durability, elegance and their resistance.
       The only factor that causes homeowners to stay a part of installing one is price.
       Our company CNC SYSTEM allows the owner of such a fence can be elegant, at a price that is more accessible.
       The benefits of wrought iron fences are sufficient to make an investment decision is worth it. It requires less maintenance than other fencing options and the best thing is that it lasts much longer life than the majority of hedges. Wrought Iron offers increased security and is one of the safest options available. It is very difficult to penetrate or to jump over a wrought iron fence asftel, which has often sharp edges.
       In most cases, wrought iron fence is installed at a considerable distance from home, providing a asftel beauty of the surroundings as well as an additional security house. Most people combine brick fence with wrought iron fence to get the desired privacy. Fences can be a means to beautify the landscape and not simply a means of fencing the property.

wrought iron furniture

       The use of wrought iron dates from the Middle Ages. It has proven its longevity and charm through the continues use until these days, especially in those places where aesthetics is a priority. This is fully demonstrated in the case of interior decoration, where wrought iron furniture shows class and elegance like no other.
       Wrought iron bedroom furniture is a reminiscence of the grandeur of the French aristocracy who had an immeasurable passion for luxury. Nowadays, however, you don't have to have an aristocratic blood to enjoy a handmade wrought iron furniture. In fact, decorative wrought iron furniture and its accessories are exactly what you need when you want elegance at a moderate price. If you can't do anything without wood then the bedroom furniture in a combination of wood and wrought iron may be winning solution.
       Wrought iron furniture for the living room is the hallmark of elegance and good taste. This kind of furniture is also a suitable option due to the minimal maintenance works that are required.
       Wrought iron furniture combined with wood is another option that deserves to be taken into account. Clean lines of the wrought iron tables are an attraction for those who need to remain practical in their purchases.
       Wrought iron kitchen furniture is a reasonable option for both beginners and culinary art professionals. Whether you have a large kitchen or a kitchen in a studio apartment, wrought iron works keep their magic unaltered.
       Our company CNC SYSTEM offers wrought iron furniture at affordable prices!
       You will be amazed by the work of wrought iron furniture that we can present to you!

wrought iron railings

       Wrought iron railings can be seen both in luxury homes and also in ordinary houses.
       They are especially common in those cities where it is trying to restore the elegance of the old times. They have a majestic beauty that can not be found in today's modern products. No other type of railing can replace the ornamental elegance of the wrought iron railings. Wrought iron railings can increase the market value of the property by an highlighted old and distinguished style.
       The popularity of the Wrought iron railings grew during the industrial Revolution and has survived over the years until today. In these times only influential people can afford such products from wrought iron. Different ornaments used at the decoration of wrought iron railings customize and create distinctions between home owners.
       Wrought iron railings can be used both at interior and also at exterior.
       Our company's skilled craftsmen can create spectacular shapes and varied designs of wrought iron railings.
       Wrought iron railings are strong and durable. They will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. The only thing to do is to dye them after many years of use.
       There are a number of factors that are used to estimate the price of wrought iron railings. Style and design is the most important factor. Also, quality is another thing that must be taken into account.
       CNC SYSTEM offers a wide range of designs and styles of wrought iron railings.